"Sugar yourself. You deserve the best care."
Naturally Smooth with Sugaring
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Brazilian traditional hair removal technique

The sweetest way of hair removal is available on the Gold Coast. Yes, that is right. You can have the most natural and gentle hair removal technique. Sugaring is an organic paste  made from sugar, lemon and water. It originates from the ancient Egyptians and is commonly used in countries of the American Continent (such as US, Canada and Brazil), Europe and Africa. 

Sugaring is gentler and less painful than waxing. Furthermore, it not only removes your unwanted hair but also offers a perfect exfoliation (since it only adheres to dead skin cells) leaving your skin softer, healthier and smoother. 

Because sugaring is 100% natural (you can even taste it!) it is successfully used on all types of skin without risk of allergic reactions. 

Sugaring is an authentic Brazilian hair removal treatment done by a real Brazilian sugaring therapist.    
Sugaring is environment friendly thanks to its natural ingredients. 

Other benefits:

Water soluble – clients never feel sticky after treatments.

Not hot – it is applied at body temperature so you never get burnt. 

Does not damage delicate skin for long-term use.

Skin is left feeling soft and clean, even before after care.

Sugar is a natural healer to skin.

No risk of cross contamination because bacteria cannot bread or survive in sugar.

Never hardens, even if left on skin.

People who are treated with sugaring experience a safe way of hair removal and rarely want to back to other methods.

We do not wax, we sugar.

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