Naturally Smooth with Sugaring
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What people say of sugaring

" I was so excited to finally find sugaring on the Gold Coast! I've been using 'normal wax' for years, but was finding the ingrown hairs were terrible - sugaring has eliminated these nasties and provides a smoother result every time. I am now a sugaring convert! And as for Sara, it was so refreshing to have a laugh and light hearted chat throughout my appointment." - Tegan

" I am glad that the first time I ever removed my body hair was with sugaring ( everyone says that waxing is very painful). I thought the pain was completely bearable and any redness disappeared after minutes. Also, I didn't have any uncomfortable effect afterwards. Sara was very nice and friendly as the same time as professional. " - Peter

" I love Sara. She is so beautifully caring, understanding and helpful. Sara creates a comfortable atmosphere immediately and always listens to what is important to you. She does not rush you in and rush you out. She works with pride and professionalism which is so well reflected in her results. Thank you so much Sarah." - Marisa

" Amazing! Everyone should stop using that nasty HOT wax and get onto Vodia's sugaring! All natural ingredients! You are the best Sara :) " - Andrea

"Love this product! If you haven't tried sugaring for all your hair removal needs you are missing out! Not nearly as painful as waxing and leaves my skin soft and sweet :-) Nothing better than an all natural no chemical product!" - Jessie

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